Yuling Sung is a Taiwanese illustrator based in London, graduated from Middlesex University with a First Class Honours degree in Illustration.

In her practices, Yuling uses both digital and traditional techniques. She enjoys exploring the natures of different mediums and combining them to create bold, simple images that tell stories and deliver messages.

In June 2021 Yuling opened her shop on etsy, selling original lino prints, art prints and handmade cards. The shop “Small Port Prints” is named after her hometown in Taiwan which literally means “small port” in Mandarin.

  • Bronze Award, Creative Conscience Award 2021

  • Celebration of Illustration, Espacio Gallery, London. September 2021
  • What the Dickens? Poetry Cafe, London. February-March 2020
  • Hidden in the Lines, Poetry Cafe, London. February-March 2019